Having a website where you put information that you wanna make accessible to your website visitors and also provide the best experience on your website, and make it super easy to find information on your particular website, it is very hard. And I know for me, on my website there are many areas where I am totally, completely missing the mark on that, and I can definitely do a better job, but it’s challenging to figure out how to do it. And in this video I’m gonna do a review of a website bot application, so it’s a software

service app and you can add it to your website. And it’s a bot, so there is a more conversational tone to have available for people that visit your website to, in a more conversational way, try to find what they’re looking for on your website. It’s called Quriobot. I’m gonna go over it on this video.

But first let me just show you the biggest pain point on my website, and it’s right here. It’s this Contact Me page. Well, there’s lots of problems on my website where people are there trying to find something, and it’s hard to make it easy for them to find it. And that’s why I’m gonna be adding this bot software that I’m gonna do a kind of a walk-through for in this video, to my website, which is just to make it as easy as possible for people when they visit my website to find what they’re looking for. And in that will reduce the confusion and the questions that come my way because I’m providing a better experience for the people that visit my website. Isn’t that what we want for all of our website visitors?

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So anyways, let’s just go ahead and take a look at this here. So obviously, just saw my website and my points. But what we’re gonna be talking about is called Quriobot, and it’s a bot application, but it’s not for what you normally hear bots for. You think Facebook bots and chat bots and all that, but this is for that, but on your website. So let’s first take a look at the website. We’ll see how much it costs, and then we’ll jump into the back end and look at some of the options that are there. And then in about a week’s time or so, after I’ve built the bot and deployed it on my website, I wanna invite you on over there just to see it in action.

Now before though, we go through the website, there is current deal going on for this on AppSumo, and you can get to this page by going to WPCrafter.com/Quriobot. Q-U-I-R, okay, I spell this wrong every time. Q-U-R-I-O, Quriobot. And that will take you right on over here. It’s got a pretty good deal right now, although I haven’t compared all of the other website bot-making applications. I know there’s another one called Landbot, but it’s a lot more than this, so this is a lifetime deal for $49. Now what this gets you is pretty cool. So they kind of don’t have some of the limits that you would expect. So when we scroll down, you’re getting lifetime access to the account.

Now the only limitation on this account is that you can only have 10,000 chats per month. So the people that come to your website and start to interact with your chat bot, they can only do that 10,000 times per month. That’s pretty big if you ask me, because not every website visitor is going to go through your chat bot. It’s just there as that extra added way to help people find what they may be looking for on your particular website.

Now you can stack it, and what stacking means is you buy two of these and you can double that limit to 20,000. But what’s really nice is you’re not limited to how many bots you can have, and you’re not limited to how many websites you can add these bots to as well. So the way it works is, you can buy two of them and combine it up to five if you bought it five times. So if you stack this five times you could have unlimited bots. Now obviously you need to decide if a bot’s gonna help your website or not. So, and that’s a lifetime account. And from my experience, the bots load incredibly fast. But we’re gonna take a look at all that in a moment.

So you can embed the bot on your website. It’s super easy to do. Or you can have a bot landing page. Now in the future, I don’t think it’s available right now, you’re gonna be able to use a custom domain name for that bot landing page, and I’ll show you what that looks like. But you can do that as well. And so I’m gonna go ahead, and you can come here and read through some of the reviews that people have already been writing about this deal. And to let you know, this deal has been out for maybe a week now, and it might last another two weeks or so. So if you’re gonna want this, you’re gonna want to probably do it soon if you’re even considering it. So, okay, everything about AppSumo’s gonna be cut out of this video after the deal is dead.

Now I’m gonna jump on over to their website and take a look at the normal pricing, take a look at the features, and then we’ll jump into the back end just to see what it’s like using this thing.

So here’s their website, and first, let’s go ahead and take a look at the pricing. I always like to see how much something costs before I even consider using it. They have a free plan right here, and the free plan is going to have branding on it. Now their paid plans do not have branding, but the free plan does, but that will give you 500 chats per month that people can have in your chat box, bot. Now that is pretty good. You can make unlimited bots. You could put them on different websites. And this is probably the plan that most people would get is the business plan, and you would choose this level based upon the amount of chats you anticipate people having on your website, or how many people actually interacting with your chat bot. So for 10,000 chats per month, you’re looking at about 70 thou-, 70 euro, not 70,000. 70 euro.

So, anyways, where you’re gonna really kind of get an idea of what these can do for you is by clicking on the examples tab right here. Now when you click on the examples tab, you’re gonna see all these various examples available to you for Quriobot, and it’s pretty neat. So this would really kinda open your eyes as to what you could do with a bot. So you have options to fully make your bot from scratch, to have one that welcomes visitors, and these are actually templates for bots that you can restore and start working as a starting point from as you’re building out your bot. Lead retrieval, schedule appointment, feedback bot.

I need that desperately ’cause I know there’s problems on my website from time to time, and people that are wanting to, that really have my back, they jump to the contact page or they gotta put in all this information to send me message just to let me know. And then I’m very appreciative, ’cause then I can go and fix the problem. But I know if there was an easier way I would get more people pointing out the problems so I can go and fix them. And that’s actually typical when you have a large, complicated website, you’re gonna have problems from time to time.

Okay, so job applications, making a donation, returning a product. That’s a little bit more challenging. Helping your customers and booking a trips. So for what I mostly would want a bot for is to make it easy to find what they’re looking for on my website, and if they can’t find what they’re looking for, find out how to get the help that they’re after. Okay, so let’s me just show you what one of these look like. So you can embed these on your website or you can have what’s called a bot landing page. So when I click on the little preview, it opens up in a new tab here, and it’s gonna show you what this bot landing page looks like. It’s essentially just an image, some text over that image right here, and then the bot starts right here. So this is your typical bot landing page.

Actually this is a good time to jump into this feature roadmap that they have going on here, which is pretty good. So here are the features that they’re working on, and there’s a big one right here that is very interesting to me is Facebook Messenger. So now you’ll be able to build bots in Quriobot, but actually connect it to your Facebook pages, the Messenger on your Facebook pages, and be able to deliver that bot experience there as well. I’m looking forward to that, but the reason I wanted to jump over here is there’s gonna be a Centered Chat option some time October to November 2018. So when I click right here, oops, right here, you see how you have the chat here on the right, personally, I would prefer that chat right there in the middle than off to the right. And also on my website I’d prefer that as well. And that’s coming.

So it’s real simple how you interact. It asks questions, and you can ask questions and have there be different answer types. And then as someone’s answering the questions, various additional text and questions get asked. So what I like right here is how you can use this as a contact form, an interactive contact form where you’re making sure you’re routing it to the right place, is right here. And so the person can then put in a question and then this can be sent right on over to whoever with you.

All right, so here is the back end of the application. When you first log in this is what you’ll see. You’ll be able to create unlimited bots. It’s actually quite simple. You would just click right here where it says New to create a new bot. Just like that. And you essentially name it, and then you can choose one of those templates that I just talked about a moment ago. So let me go ahead and enter something in here. So I’ve gone ahead and entered WPCrafter Help Bot. And why don’t I go ahead and choose this template right here? And so you see the check box there. I’ll click on Next, and it will take me to the next step. And now I can start building out my bot. Now as you’re building out your bot, if you notice right here, there is a Save option so you can save it incrementally as you’re going through building this thing out.

Okay, now let’s go and see what this is going to end up looking like. So here is gonna be a list of all of your bot steps. And they kind of link together. Now each step has three components. The message that your bot says. The answer or options of how the person in your bot can respond. And then what the actions or the responses the bot is going to take. So this is basically where you’re going to say hello. This right here is basically where you’re gonna say, choose an option. And then right here is where you’re gonna choose what happens when they choose that option. Does it go to a different step? Does it end the bot? What exactly happens? And so these are the three components right here of each of these different bot steps.

Now look at these options here. And I really like some of these. So you can ask someone a multiple choice question. You can have an input box for them to type in a short bit of text. So if, in that example of a contact form, this could be where you’d ask the subject of what they’re trying to contact you for. Simple yes/no, a rating and email. This is where the bot asks for the email address of the person in the bot. Long text. So in the example of a contact form, this is where someone could type in their problem or whatever the additional information to go with the title is. Foldout. This is actually very interesting. So you can have this actually trigger a website page popping up overlaid over yours. So for example, if I had a multiple choice question, and someone’s choosing an answer, I could have it trigger this overlay of the page on my website that has the answer for what they’re looking for.

We have some legal disclaimers as an option. Numbers. You have auto complete. Asking for phone numbers. IBAN. This is related to banking. Location, calendars. So you can show a calendar for maybe scheduling an appointment. Right here is Birth Date. You can ask a birth date. Here’s another calendar, but I think the difference is, this one right here is selecting a range. This one right here is selecting a single date. You can have a slider, so if you’re asking someone how would they rate this, you could do it through stars or you could do it through a slider if you wanted, for a scale of how you’re doing. Multiple images, you can actually, it’s kind of nice to personalize your bot with images, maybe some gifs or something like that, or jifs. Everyone calls it different.

We’ve got buttons. We’ve got Exit. This is to exit a bot. Go To, this is gonna be to jump to a different part of your bot. Your Return, and you have this External. So this means passing the chat off externally, so if you’re determined in the bot, or if you’ve determined in the bot that further conversation needs to happen, this would pass them into maybe your Facebook Messenger or Skype or some of the other options, WhatsApp, that are available here.

And this is a good time to say that a bot is not, or the bot here is not live chat. So if someone’s just wanting to type in, break out and do a live chat, that’s not what this is. But if we look at their roadmap, if they do deliver on it, it would be really cool, and that’s right here. Live chat integration. If they do add that, that would be great because there’s a lot of competition for that bottom right corner on anyone’s website. So if I use this, then I’m probably not gonna use the live chat or something like that, or I’m gonna have to make it so they don’t interfere with each other.

Okay, so these are these really cool elements that you have the option of doing right here. Let’s go over the options right here for the bot, and then we’ll jump back into the edit and take a little bit more of a look at it. Okay, so one of the things I like is you have full design customization ability on this, including no branding. As long as you’re not on that free plan, there’s gonna be no branding. So right here you can see all of the different elements and the colors with them, and right here you could just pop in different color codes. And also, right here on the bottom right, you see the little avatar picture, and then here on the top right, you see the avatar picture. You can choose your own, put your own picture there, and it could be of whatever you want.

So I think for me right here, I was experimenting with the picture of me, but then it wouldn’t have much meaning. So for me I think what I’m gonna do is put a question mark there, and someone can make the connection that that is where they could get answers to something. And then when they click on it, there’s gonna be a picture of me. But then you can customize all of these colors. I love the customization that you get right here. And you can also do multi-lingual bots, and there’s this option here where it says Supported Languages, and there’s a bunch of different language options here. So, my bot will be in English only.

Okay, so there’s some additional options right here, so you can also customize the text. That happens when someone initiates the bot. You can customize all of it, and even when the bot is visually available to the person on your website. One of the thoughts I had is a bot could really help you reduce bounce rate, which keeps people on your website longer, and if you have Google Analytics on your website, what’s gonna happen is Google’s gonna see people are spending more time there, which is a great SEO signal for Google.

Okay, I’m gonna click on landing pages right here. So this is where if you wanted to do the landing page for the bot, this is where you can customize that. Did bits of text right here, the image and all of that. I don’t think I’ll be using this. I do want it on my website and my website only. Okay, we have an advanced option right here. So you can choose a bot position, and in the advanced, this is one of the things you’re gonna always want to toggle if you’re on a paid plan, is removing the branding. So you’re gonna wanna turn that off ’cause you’re not gonna want it to have their branding on the bottom of the chat options. Now right here you can give your visitor options of moving the bot panel on the left or the right. I would probably turn that off. I think the less options you give someone can actually be a benefit, because there’s less things to get confused by, less questions to answer or things for someone to figure out.

So here’s some advanced settings that are available to your bot, and they’re all right here, delays and things of that nature. Next right here is notifications, so you can turn on or choose how you want to be notified about what happens in these bots. You have the option here, and also for the email address. Now what’s nice is you’re putting these on a per-bot basis. So this is not a global setting, so you can have different bots for different websites. Even if you have clients, you can use these bots on your client’s website. Obviously they won’t be able to log into the back end here because they’d be able to see all of the bots if you’re doing that.

And then right here is our connections. So let me click on Add New Response right there. And so the response options are, you can have it, responses from the bot fill out a form. You could do that here. You can do a webhook, so if you’re using, say, Mautic or Zapier or something along those lines, you can pass the data through via the webhook option right there. You can have it integrate with Slack. You can have it send you a email. This is what I would do. I would actually have the email come in and then push it to my support desk, which would open a support ticket. You can push information into Mailchimp or Hugo, and I actually forget what Hugo is. Anyways, and then you can have advanced conditions on that.

So most of us, just for basic, we’re gonna have email right here, and there’s some tokens that you would place in here in order to format this email, and then decide where this email’s actually gonna be sent to. So if you’re asking someone their name, you’re asking someone what did they need help with, and then you would ask them the email, all that information can go to the email address of your choosing. But what’s interesting is you can also have multiple response actions. So you can have an email go to you, you can push their email address into your email auto responder service, and then you could push a notification through Slack. All three of those at the same time. It’s pretty powerful what you’re able to do.

Okay, so let’s just jump back into the bot here, and I said there was those three components that make up a step. So here in this example, right here you can see the first part of it is the message. And right here is what the bot’s going to say. And then some text right here for the bot. And so right here is where the bot would ask a particular question, and then right here is where the options, the answers, would be made available. You’d have those listed here. And then you can have a response right here for each of those answer options that you gave someone. So if it’s yes, no, maybe, down here under Bot Responses, there would be a response for yes, a separate one for no, and a separate one for maybe.

So here is the answer option, and then right here you could choose what you’re gonna do. Is it gonna go to the next step? Is it going to exit? Is it going to redirect to a URL? Is it gonna restart the bot? You would choose what happens when someone chooses that answer. And then you would give them some text right here. It’s really that simple.

Now, I’m not faked out. I do know that having a well-thought-out bot, it’s gonna take effort. I mean it’s really gonna take some effort and some energy to put it all together and invest that time. I know for me, on what I’m planning on my website, I’m gonna have to first, sit down, kinda map it all out on paper, and then try to build it with the bot. And it could be a little complicated. So if I was to say any of kinda the negative, potential negative aspects of this app, is the builder, I think for small bots with maybe 10 or 15 different steps, it’s gonna be kind of easily manageable.

But then if you’re gonna have a more complicated, longer or fuller bot, it’s gonna be a little bit more challenging to navigate around, because the various steps are listed out as kind of a hierarchy here. So you see the step one, step two, step three, and that’s just gonna keep going on. So if you had a bot that had 40 different steps because of all the different questions you’re asking and the options you’re giving them, and then the different options from that, a bot can get really complicated really quick.

This is opposed to some of the other bots services that are out there, where it’s more of a flow chart-like experience, where you see this large canvas, and you can see how everything interconnects, and it just interconnects directly like that, kind of like a flow chart. So you see that on some of the other bot builders.

However, I really do like the simplicity, so I think if you’re gonna have simple bots, this kind of interface is easier to use, and it’s better. But if you’re gonna want complex bots, and I’m probably gonna have a complex bot as I’m mapping it out, maybe a, kind of a canvas-type of bot builders, it [inaudible 00:23:09] be a better option for you. I don’t know, but I have tried some of the other bot services, and I will say that this bot service, I don’t know what their secret sauce is, but it seems to load really, really quick on your website.

That just reminds me of one thing I forgot to show you how to do is actually embed this in your website. So when we went to landing page right here, this is where your landing page options were. But after you click on the Save button, which I just did, then you get the Embed Code option, and when you click on this, it’s just a little snippet of text that you would add and embed on your website. I use WordPress and I use the Astra theme for WordPress. It’s super easy to embed these types of codes. You can use code snippets. And I even have a video on how to put these little embed codes on your website, on pretty much any website, by adding the simple free WordPress plugin. All that is available.

So, anyways, this is Quriobot. If you wanna visit their website, I’ll have a link in the video description box down below. Or you can visit WPCrafter.com/Quriobot. Q-U-R-I-O-B-O-T. I will use this Refer and Earn option. When you click on that link, I think I get a little extra bot action if you signed up or something like that. That’s not why I made this video. But that’s the link for that. So I wanna know what you think about bots on a website, if you think it’s a distraction, or if you think it’s something that would make your website visitors’ experience better, which is what I’m always after.

So, anyways, I hope you appreciated this video. If you did, consider giving it a thumbs up. Remember to subscribe. Click on the notification bell if you want to know when videos like this go up. Hey, I wanna thank you for taking the time to watch this video. And I’ll see you in the next one.

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